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Old Wars Were Fought With Bullets And Bombs *New Wars Will Be Fought With Printed And Spoken Words On The Internet* Humanity Has Finally Progressed!


Old Wars Were Fought With Bullets And Bombs *New Wars Will Be Fought With Printed And Spoken Words On The Internet* Humanity Has Finally Progressed!

For this Historic Change that ManKind and WomenKind is Currently Going Through—>

Thank God! the little piece of god in all of us!

Thank the Incredible Useful and Versatile Open Source Program called WordPress! which has helped me tremendously as an individual citizen in regard to “having the means to communicate 2 the world”.

Especially Thank Larry Page, Eric Schmidt and other Google Employees and Management Personnel for their solid and over a year longstanding support of my written work—>

Especially Thank Matt M. and all of the heroic folks that work for him at Automattic for all that they have done for me since April 2012—>

Thank Mark J, the only man in America to Stand Up for Me Publicly (by name) in April 2012, soon after a group of anonymous WordPress heroes began helping me from San Francisco In Real Time on a 24/7 basis when I used WordPress.

Especially Thank Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook Employees and Management both for their apparent support of my written work, and for their apparent and critically needed support of the Patriot Movement as well—>

Thank Apple Computers, for without the use of them I would have been silenced quite some time ago—>

Thank Jeff W. and LinkedIn Employees and Management—>

Thank Dick C. and Twitter Employees and Management—>

Thank the Wisdom of Many of the Above Persons and Corporate Entities for Getting Together with Each Other and Jointly Collaborating Some Day In the Foreseeable Future to Jointly Hold an Internet Woodstock Event that is Broadcast Over the Internet Worldwide!; A Historic Event that Mixes Big Name Freedom Musicians with Numerous Speakers of Various Federal Government And Main Stream Media Suppressed Truths.

And Thank My ABSOLUTELY HEROIC, albeit mostly anonymous, WordPress Intuitive Collaborative Website Development Team!, Of Which I Am Only A Part.

Thank All of the Other Folks and Companies Worldwide that Support a Free and Open Internet!

Thank YouTube, NaturalNewsTV, and those video platforms of Similar Ilk!

And Thank the Billions of Computer Users worldwide!—> For They Too Are Inevitably Going To Be A Big Part of Why We Need Old Style War No More!

And some day, a Day that is Inevitably Coming—>

Thank a Standardized System of Open and Fair *Internet Based Roundtable Federal Government* that Is Instituted In Every Country Worldwide! or close. (The Tremendous Power of This Enlightened Great Idea Cannot Be Stopped at this point.)

And Thank the American Mafia for Wisely “Switching Sides” and “Cutting a Mutually Beneficial Deal with Silicon Valley”, when the time is right for them to do so.


The Power Of A Free And Open Internet Is Going To Soon Bury The U.S. Federal Government With The Truth!

Just Think! Of All Of The Human Suffering That Will Be Spared!

And Just Think! Of All Of The Environmental Damage That Can Be Avoided!


Just Think! Of All Of The Time And Money That Can Be Saved…

From All Of The Silly Unnecessary National Security Expenditures…

And From All Of The Extremely Costly And Quite Unnecessary National Defense Ones As Well!

And the Best Part is…

The TSA Won’t Get To Scan You To See You Naked!… and Grope You Near Your Underwear No More! rotflmao

As Dead Serious as this WordPress Blog is… a Little Humor always helps!

This material was prepared by Allen D with critical help from—>

a Heroic WordPress Expert in Florida Named Mark J and—>

Has Received Heroic Help from our

San Francisco Hippie Gang of

WordPressWarriors for the Truth! 

Our Websites> 21 Revolution Educational Websites For The Patriot Movement In America

SweetSixteenWebsites.com Web Page> http://sweetsixteenwebsites.com/21-revolution-educational-websites-for-the-patriot-movement-in-america/

Our Website Development Written Work Often Receives–—>

Very Deeply
Appreciated and/or Heroic Help in one way or another from GoogleFacebookTwitter, and the People Underlying WordPress as well. 

WordPressWarriors defined—>

We Are Patriot Movement, Alternative Medical Truth, Energy Invention Truth, and 9/11 Truth Internet Revolutionaries! and—>

Patriot Movement Internet Educational Course Development—>

WordPress Website Revolutionaries! as well.

We Won’t Take U.S. Government Lies and their Federal Government Suppression of Truth for an answer any more! 

It Is About Time For The Truth To Set Our Fellow Americans and Humanity Free!


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