AllenD Says Good Morning Everybody! I Am In Reno Now! (4-12-2013 @8:30 am) AllenD says… I am at the point where I am going to connect with my San Francisco friends within a matter of hours, or I am going to be homeless and on the run from the Mafia again. I told the Mafia last year that “You have three options; work with me in regard to what I am trying to do to help America, capture me and force me to work for you, or kill me. Out of these three options, killing me is your worst choice.” Whatever happens, happens. I am going to be True to Both God and Country until the end.

In Reviewing Various Websites Of His Heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team *Thank God For Google!!!* Is What AllenD Has To Say

According to Allen…

“Since December 2012, or perhaps even before, when using Google to Search for Various Websites of my WordPress Collaborative Team, it is apparent that the Search Returns generated are “Well Thought Out”, and not simply generated by some sort of automatic algorithm. What this means is that the Corporation called Google is not only Aware of my WordPress Collaborative Team’s Dire Plight, but they are Actually Helping Us!!!”

“My Team and I are both deeply indebted to the heroic folks at Google, and to Google Corporate as well.  We Cannot Thank Google Enough for what this company and its people have done for us.”

AllenD with help from his WordPress Collaborative Team

Where Are Mike Adams And Alex Jones? (4-11-2013)

How can these two gentlemen continue to ignore the Internet Public Plight of Allen Darman and his heroic Revolutionary WordPress Collaborative Internet Team?

Surely these two gentlemen must be Internet Aware of us by now.

These two powerhouses on the Internet should broadcast our WordPress Collaborative Team’s plight from coast to coast in America at this time.

And if I am killed or captured before I connect with my heroic WordPress helpers in Emeryville on Friday when my train arrives, Mike Adams and Alex Jones should do their very best to make sure my story, and the story of my heroic WordPress Team, is heard by tens of millions of people as soon as is practical or possible.

My capture or death in April 2013 should initiate an American Revolution against both the Mafia and the Federal Government. AllenD

If The Mafia Will Allow Me The 3-5 Minute Courtesy Of Reporting Via WordPress On The Fact I Will Be Stepping IN A CAR WITH YOU in Chicago We Could Have A Long Meeting Face 2 Face (April 10 2013)

I would love to talk to you fellows face 2 face.  All I ask is that…

I be Allowed to Protect my martyrdom and/or my life by Reporting This Event in Advance to my WordPress Collaborative Team, and then “check the website I posted on to verify my post showed up.”

Without my being allowed the above, There Will Be No Willingness on My Part to Step Into A Car With You Fellows Yet.

Allen Darman