Warrior Words of Wisdom Spoken From the Heart

Warrior Words of Wisdom Spoken From the Heart


Some are still in denial about the true meaning of the New World Order or the Old World Order, but no matter—> It is still the same secret agenda.

I suggest that you spend your energy planning your defensive tactics.

I too will be on the FEMA CAMP bus—> see you there.

I choose to believe that I am going to live forever somewhere.

They can have this body but I will fight to save my soul.

We have little time left to decide which way to go.

Our Government Will Soon Enslave Us, Religion Will Always Betray Us,

Only Unity Can Save Us Now.

Stand With Me.

Written by: Anonymous

Dated December 20, 2011


Notable Quotes

No Matter what happens to me, I feel both forever grateful and deeply honored that my heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team has Stood Fast With Me Against the American Mafia and the Feds Since April 2012. Allen D 

I’d love to have a little sit down with the American Mafia in NYC sometime.  Both America and I need the Mafia to Straighten Out the Giant Mess that America is in.

Incidentally, I am more Italian than anything else nationality-wise. I have either worked with, hung around with, and/or played poker with my fellow Italians for most of my adult life.

I am comfortable being around the Mafia, or any group of Italian Gentleman, as long as they no longer want to kill me, of course!

If the Mafia still wants to kill me, Lets End It with the likes of Google, WordPress, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Jim Humble and my heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team (and many other persons on the Internet) watching. 

If the Mafia is willing to work with Fifty or More of the Best and the Brightest from the Internet World to Gain Federal Control Of and Straighten Out America, we would be willing to agree in advance that the

“Worst Case Scenario” in a real pinch nationwide is—> 

“You will Break Even Revenue-wise”.  We Agree In Principle In Advance that your revenue will NOT GO BELOW THAT (even with what you are making now).  However, in any deal that we may make, we intend to pay you significantly more than you are making now, if at all possible. AllenD

The best way to become acquainted with a subject is to write a book about it. Benjamin Disraeli

Books Are Obsolete! The best way to become acquainted with a subject is to write a WordPress blog about it.AllenD


The Seven WordPress Websites Reflected Below are All Creations of
AllenD and his Revolutionary WordPress Collaborative Internet Team

Our WordPress Collaborative Team’s Magnificent Seven Websites are as follows… all of the Images are “Clickable”.

  • 1) iROCK4FREEDOM the 1st Internet Woodstock!


  • 2) A WordPress Management Website titled



  • 3) A Presidential Roundtable Internet Government (e-government) Website


  • 4) A Suppression of Truth Website


  • 5) Willy Darman’s Co-Discovery Website


  • 6) A Justifiable Civil Disobedience Website


  • 7) Our July4thRevolution WordPress Website



Our Revolutionary WordPress Collaborative Internet Team is Going to Start the 1st Internet Woodstock called iROCK4FREEDOM! (oriWOODSTOCK) or we are going to die trying! That’s No Lie!


Web Address of the Original Copy of this NutrientsCure WordPress Blog: http://nutrientscure.wordpress.com/2011/12/21/warrior-words-of-wisdom-spoken-from-the-heart-by-anonymous-12-20-2011/


CheckmateTheFedsAreDone WordPress Blog Web Address>>>https://checkmatethefedsaredone.wordpress.com/2013/10/25/warrior-words-of-wisdom-spoken-from-the-heart/
CheckmateTheFedsAreDone WordPress Blog Link>>> http://wp.me/p2mHcn-hN

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