The HOLY TRINITY *WordPress Blog Set* 4 The *Patriot Movement* In America (10-13-2013)
The Holy Trinity Blog Set 4 The Patriot Movement In America (10-13-2013)

The Following Holy Trinity Blog Set (of 3 blogs) for The Patriot Movement In America Should Be Read In Order AND Read On The WordPress Websites that are shown.—>

WordPress Educational Blog #1)



On the Free WordPress Website of–>

PREFACE to the Complex Battle Blog

This Complex Battle WordPress Blog On “Concepts and Ideas for Internet Based Government” IS THE MOST IMPORTANT WordPress Blog that>>>

 Allen D aka ADOGG, NutrientsCure AND SmokeMasterAllenD >>>

Has written in his entire life!!!

A WordPress Blog titled “Concepts And Ideas To Treat Depression Naturally (2003)” is the Second Most Important Blog of My Life.

It is 2nd Most Important WordPress Blog because it Involves the Enormously Helpful And Curative Depression Treatment Discoveries that I had made for the World as early as April 2000.

It was these Discoveries of Mine on which The Major Human Co-Discovery Of Willy’s Baggie was later based in 2004/2006.

My Son Willy Darman and I, Allen HIS FATHER, made An Enormously Important Alternative Medical Co-Discovery for All Humanity (Willy’s Baggie).

I admit to all that this Co-Discovery was really my son Willy’s Original Idea; I only “critically helped”. (We needed each other’s wisdom “put together.”)

Conclusion to Preface

In essence, this blog defines America’s Big Problems in a nutshell, as well as Offers the Best Solution without a lot of detail as well (other blogs that I have written in the past provide some more detail).

The Best Solution For America To Change For the Better involves a Mutually Respectful Collaboration between Silicon Valley, the Patriot Movement, the American Public, and the American Mafia.

I refuse to Live In Fear of Being Murdered Any More. If there is a trap set for me, I choose to not avoid it.

I am currently residing at my sister Laurie’s rented house in Albany NY as I write this.

If either the U.S. Government (Suspect #1 and the Most Likely Party To Do So), the Illuminati (Suspect #2), the American Mafia (Suspect #3, or perhaps “my best friend”), Big Pharma (Suspect #4) or Big Oil (Suspect #5) acts against me while residing at my sister’s Laurie’s house in Albany NY in the Fall or the Winter of 2013, they will suffer the consequences of this.

If Internet Martyrdom is going to be my fate, so be it.

My Destiny is in God’s Hands, not mine. Who am I to “second guess God?”. I gracefully Accept the Destiny that God has in store for me for the rest of my life, however long or short it may be.

If Surviving the Storm such that My WordPress Collaborative PATRIOT MOVEMENT Website Development Team and I REMAIN ALIVE TO BE *the Key Catalyst* in Leading America (and Eventually the World) Out Of The Fate Of The Dire Course It Is Currently On Now, so be it as well.

In getting this Historic CheckmateTheFedsAreDone WordPress Blog to the state it is now in, I HAVE completed a Major Step in Helping America and the World To Accurately and Truthfully Understand Where It Is At and What It Needs To Do To Fix Things<<>>I Have No Fear Whatsoever Left In Me Any More!<<<


I Owe So Many So Much for Living Long Enough to Complete this WordPress Blog to the point where it is today.

First and Foremost, I Owe My Mother And Father Arthur and Marion Darman.

My mother and father Groomed Me, and Prepared Me Well, for the Epic Battle that I have been in against Big Pharma, the Mafia, Big Oil and the U.S. Government beginning in the Summer of the Year 2000.  

(This Epic Battle Began as a Result of My Gaining a World Leading Degree of Knowledge (#1) in Regard to How to Properly Treat a State of Biochemical Depression via Natural Means as a result of a Series of Personal Discoveries that I made between July 1997 and April 2000.)

Many of the Persons that I Owe a Great Debt of Gratitude To Are In The Upper Management of Google Corporation, Facebook Corporation and the WordPress Corporation named Automattic. In all likelihood, I Owe You People my very life. I wish to Deeply Thank All of You! for what you have done,

And have done for so long and in so many ways to Help me personally, Help my heroic WordPress PATRIOT MOVEMENT Website Development Team, and to Help my Educational Efforts via the Internet. Without Your Help, my discoveries, my work and my life would have been in vain. 

Mark Jaquith of is one of the persons that I Owe So Much To. Thank You Mark! I will love you for what you have done to help me for the rest of my life.

The Anonymous Heroic San Francisco WordPress Website Developers who first stood up for me despite the great Personal Risks involved know who you are.

I wish to Thank YOU ALL Deeply and in a very heartfelt way!

Thank You Soooo Much!!!

Thank You Soooo VERY Much!!!

For Heroically Joining and Supporting from afar my WordPress Website Development efforts on April 9, 2012!

And THANK YOU SO MUCH for supporting MY efforts over the Internet ever since!!!!!

(((I Love You All!)))

ADOGG aka Allen D (10-12-2013)


WordPress Educational Blog #2)

A “WordPress Song Blog” or the “Five Dreams Blog”

On the Free WordPress Website of–>

CheckMate!!! The Feds Are Done at the 1st Internet Woodstock!

A Revolutionary Patriot Movement WordPress Website

A WordPress Song Blog; Allen D’s Five Dreams (10-10-2013)

A WordPress Song Blog; Allen D’s Five Dreams (10-10-2013)

This Historic Blog is still under construction.

Read This Song Blog & You Are Done! with the TERRIBLE 2′S BLOG SET!

Blog #3)


Just another site

Federal Government, Wealthy Elite, and Mafia Suppression Of Truth Is The Norm It Seems (6-24-2013)

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