A Tribute to Bob Beck; A World Class Healer (5-21-2010)

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A Tribute to Bob Beck; A World Class Healer (5-21-2010)

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Dear Fellow Americans:

The Power of the Internet unburied the incredible story of a genius named Robert (Bob) Beck, and his finding an inexpensive at-home cure for Aids and cancer (amongst other things).

For the past two nights I have watched on Youtube an amazing! thirteen video series of a lecture given in 1996 at Ventura College, CA by a man named Robert (Bob) Beck.  The first of these videos can be found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkCHrV6cCfw.  Or they all can be found by simply searching YouTube for “Bob Beck”.

This is amazing video material that EVERY human being on this planet should see.  (It should be translated into every language and widely disseminated in the Internet such that this can occur.)

Bob Beck was an inventor, an engineer, and a physicist, amongst other things he had done in his life.  He had found that three simple and amazingly inexpensive measures could render ineffective virtually ALL viruses, problematic bacteria, yeasts, molds, fungi, and parasites in the blood, lymph, and tissues of a human being…. and/or reduce the counts of such things to so low a number that either (1) they no longer negatively impacted on human health, or (2) one’s own immune system could deal with the rest.

What a brilliant, honest, moral, and brave man Bob Beck was!  He had found a way to cure HIV, cancer, lupus, herpes, and so many other illnesses by using inexpensive electric or magnetic devices that one could make at home.

Mr. Beck  sought nothing for his discoveries.  He freely shared these discoveries as best as he could with the world.  And he had to battle every step of the way to do so, as the powers that be clearly wanted him silenced, locked up, or dead… due to the fact his discoveries threatened the collapse of drug oriented medicine in a very big way.  (I personally am in the same boat as this man, and for similar reasons.)

At one point FDA agents came to Bob Beck’s house with guns drawn at 3:00 A.M. in an attempt to stop him from what he was doing.  They did not lock him up, and had to let him go.  Bob was wise enough to know the law, and he was careful not to break it.  (This man was clearly a genius.)  He  gave the “powers that be fits”, as they could not do anything to him, in part because he did not charge any money for what he was doing.  Bob had also found an obscure passage in federal law that suggested that he anoint all of the members of any audience that he spoke to as “researchers”.  This was because the research of  medical devices made the persons doing so exempt from the law.  And this in exactly what Bob did in one of the thirteen videos I saw.  He read this obscure law to the audience.  Then he anointed all of this audience “researchers” so that both he and they could avoid the heavy hand of law.

Bob Beck was a true hero in these modern times.  Anyone who watches these thirteen videos on Youtube should realize this.  There is a strong ring of truth in the way he spoke, and in all that he said as well.  This man absolutely knew what he was talking about.  He clearly should have won the Nobel Prize for what he did.  (A hospital in Mexico did put Robert Beck up for the Nobel Prize for finding the cure for Aids.  The “powers that be” apparently control the Nobel committee that awards this prize.  This absolutely justifiable nomination of Mr. Beck for the Nobel Prize was summarily ignored.)

The three things Bob had found that were effective in combination were (1) colloidal silver, (2) blood electrification, and (3) using a powerful magnetic field that was produced by a hand held device. (Later than this speech in 1996 was given, Mr. Beck added ozonated water to these three measures as a fourth helpful curative measure that worked well with the three others.)

1.  In regard to colloidal silver, Bob did not suggest one go out and buy some colloidal silver from a health food store.  He said doing so was a waste of money.

Mr. Beck told, and showed, how virtually anyone could make a glass of colloidal silver at home for pennies in about two minutes.

Anyone  could do so with a simple battery operated device that he or she could make at home from parts bought at Radio Shack (and then assembled with a soldering iron), and by  two pieces of 99.99% pure (or 99.999% pure) silver wire.

Bob made, and then drank, a glass of colloidal silver right in front of the audience.  He said “this is about $60. worth if you bought it in a health food store” (and it cost only pennies to make it yourself).

He also told some anecdotal stories in regard to what colloidal silver could do, for both humans and animals alike.

2.  In regard to blood electrification, Bob essentially did the same as the above.  He told the audience how to make a powerful and amazingly inexpensive electric device that “electrified the blood”, using parts bought from Radio Shack, and then assembled at home.

Bob showed how this device that he had invented worked, by strapping it on himself.  He told about what it did in regard to reducing viral counts in the blood, as measured by laboratory testing.  And he told, as best as he was legally able to, how persons had been cured of Aids, cancer, lupus, and a whole host of other diseases.

Blood electrification is amazing simple to perform on oneself.  One simply straps on their forearm a nine volt battery operated device, and places two electrodes on the forearm in a specific place that is close to the blood flow near one’s wrist.  Doing this PROFOUNDLY “cleans  the blood” by rendering ineffective a whole host of problematic life forms that virtually everyone has in their body.  (Bob stated that an average human being weighing 160 lbs. has about two pounds of this “bad stuff”.)

Bob Beck knew of Hulda Clark’s work with electricity (zappers, etc.) to remove parasites from the body.  He knew for a fact that what she was doing was ineffective, if not almost totally useless, as the electricity generated was simply not powerful enough when it reached the blood.

One must remember this was Bob’s area of expertise, as he had a background in engineering and physics, and a history of inventive and original thought.  This man was a genius whose only goal was to help the world.  He sought virtually nothing for himself, despite having spent $50,000 to learn what he did.

Robert Beck was a man that did give credit where credit was due in regard to blood electrification.  He told about the doctor in NYC that had found that the Aids virus could be rendered ineffective in blood by the use of electricity.  Bob showed, and read from, the patent that these doctors had obtained regarding such.

However, rather than approach the problem of getting electricity to where it was need by using implants, IV’s, or any other surgical or medical intervention as these two doctors had suggested, Bob greatly simplified the implementation of this enormous discovery.

Robert Beck  made it so that virtually ANYONE could perform blood electrification at home by using parts bought at Radio Shack and elsewhere for “peanuts”, and then assembled with a soldering iron.

3.  The third measure that Bob Beck showed, and demonstrated to the audience, was a powerful 18,000 gauss magnetic pulse device, one that again could be made and assembled at home.

The purpose of this device was to deal with any remain pockets of problematic life in the lymph and the body that were missed by blood electrification and colloidal silver.

This measure, as with blood purification, was another stroke of pure genius.


Bob, unlike many in the alternative medical arena today, did not tell “half the truth” and then try to sell a book, or try to have people come to see him (and pay him) for the other half of what was needed to be known.

Bob had brought 120 copies literature with him for the audience that contained all of the information in which to do all of the above, including the schematic diagrams, assembly instructions, operating instructions, and shopping lists of what was needed to make the above three items (most of which could be purchased at Radio Shack).

He offered this literature to the audience for slightly more than the direct cost of copying it ($3.00).  It was Bob’s stated intent to not make a dime from what he was doing to teach others what he had learned.

For those that could not afford the three dollars that this material had cost him in copying costs, he told the audience members that they only had to state such, and they would be given the literature “at no charge” (for free).

Bob gained nothing from his efforts to help the world, other than a great deal of flack from “the powers that be”.

In the last video of the thirteen part series I saw Bob stated the following:  “You see the problem.  I am telling the truth. And a man telling the truth needs a very fast horse”.  He knew that Big Pharma wanted him dead for what he had learned.

I sure know how Bob felt in the above regards.

Although I have to thank Robert Beck from the bottom of my heart for filling in for me what very well may be “the last key piece” in regard to correcting mental illnesses naturally, Bob has given me quite a problem.  On my hacked Android phone Big Pharma “watched me watch Bob’s speech” in its entirety two nights in a row.  They watched me research Robert Beck thoroughly on the Internet, as well as find a commercial manufacturer of his devices.  (This manufacturer is SOTA Instruments in B.C., Canada.  I am probably going to have bypass them due to poverty and make my own.)

Big Pharma not only knows that Bob “was right on the money on everything that he spoke about”, they also know that I realize the great significance of what Bob was saying.

Bob’s knowledge fits right in with Willy’s Baggie, the other things I know about supplementation outside of Willy’s Baggie, and what I know about detoxification, malabsorption, and the gut.

Big Pharma knows that I am “double the threat” that I was to them only a short week ago.  I have sealed my fate with these people… I only hope I last another year or so, such that I have the time to “adequately give to the world what I know”.

As of this day, Friday May 21, 2010 it is known that ALL MENTAL ILLNESSES CAN BE READILY CURED VIA NATURAL MEANS, every single one.

Mr. Robert Beck, my hat is off to you.  I felt honored to be in the presence of your greatness these past two nights.  I love you dearly for what you did.


Allen Darman


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