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There Is A Temporary Stalemate Between The U.S. Government And An Armed American Public


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There Is A Temporary Stalemate Between The U.S. Government And An Armed American Public.

This Stalemate Between The U.S. Government And An Armed American Public Will Inevitably Explode—> And Perhaps Explode Fairly Soon (maybe in 2014 sometime before July).

Why will this Stalemate—>

Between The U.S. Government And—>

An Armed American Public—>

Explode Soon?

Well, there are a Number of Valid Reasons, and Not Just One.

Let’s Discuss Some of These Reasons.

One of the Most Important Reasons is that the U.S. Government has been THOROUGHLY AND SYSTEMATICALLY SUPPRESSING THE TRUTH—>


From Being Justifiably and Widely Known By the General Public for Years, FOR Decades, and in Some Cases for over a Century IN REGARD TO—>

1) Numerous Energy Invention Discoveries,

2) Numerous Alternative Medical Discoveries,

3) Numerous 9/11 Truths, and—>

4) Numerous Very Important Truths Of All Sorts on ***ANY Topic Whatsoever*** THAT ARE ***A SERIOUS Or SUBSTANTIAL FISCAL, POWER, Or PRESTIGE THREAT*** TO ANY, IF NOT ALL, Existing Corporate Powers—>

OR THESE Very Important Truths ARE—>


Other **Special Interest Powers that Be**.

One of these **Special Interest Powers that Be** is the U.S. FEDERAL Government, and it is one of the biggest Powers out there.  

No, the U.S. Government is not the Biggest AND Most Powerful Power that Be, despite what Some May Think—> Or That Some (—>Like OBAMA) May Contend.

Numerous Other Powers that Be >>>Are Masters<<< of the Federal Government here in the U.S.  

This is True Worldwide as well.  

Federal Governments are Only *Useful Tools* to Subject AND KEEP DOWN the People—>

These *Useful Tools* SUCH AS OUR OWN UNITED STATES FEDERAL GOVERNMENT HERE IN THE U.S. are Owned by the Very Wealthy and by the Wealthy Corporations, for the most part.

As a *Useful Tool* Of the Very Wealthy and the Wealthy Corporations—>  

The U.S. Government has been THOROUGHLY AND SYSTEMATICALLY SUPPRESSING Any And Every SINGLE TRUTH Which Threatens (1) ANY MAJOR INDUSTRY, (2) Any MAJOR COMPANY, (3) Any MAJOR CORPORATION, (4) Any Major Donor, Or (5) ANY Special Interest Group which Controls It By—>

Secretive Bribery, Secretive Pressure, Secretive Threats Against Your Children, Your Loved Ones, and Yourself, Secretive Beatings, Secretive Torture, and Secretive Murder.

Incidentally, the American Mafia just happens to specialize in ALL OF THE ABOVE!  

THE ABOVE essentially “defines their methodology” for acquiring a great deal of money, and getting things “that are needed to do so” (MAKE A LOT OF MONEY) done.  

The American Mafia PRACTICES SUCH A METHODOLOGY AS THE ABOVE on a Regular Basis in Washington, D.C. and elsewhere TOO.  

INCIDENTALLY, The Mafia has a worldwide reach–> one cannot avoid them no matter where in the world you may try to hide.

Just as Federal Governments (to include our own here in the United States) Are Only *Useful Tools* to Subject the People, the American Mafia performs the same very same function as the U.S. Government does.

It is Useful to Think of the American Mafia as the U.S. Government’s “Secret Branch” in which to effect ***Any Needed Immoral Action or Immoral Change***—>

Especially Immoral Action or Immoral Change of *Those Few Persons Of Many* that ***Inadequately Responded to Simple Bribery*** and therefore ***Needed More Persuasion of a Different Sort***.  

The American Mafia is Another *Useful Tool* of the Very Wealthy and Numerous Immoral Corporations to Subject the People.  

Incidentally, the American Mafia is a Very Well Fiscally Compensated *Useful Tool*.  

[It is Worthy To Note Here that—> The Crucial Key to getting the Mafia to Switch Sides and help the Patriot Movement and the American Public vs. helping our Corrupt Federal Government IS TO BE AT LEAST Equally FISCALLY Compensating Them to What They Are Making Now, unless such is totally unreasonable.  In Regard to the Mafia, “Money Talks and Bullshit Walks”, in street talk.]

Every Single Person in the Patriot Movement In America NEEDS TO LEARN THAT The American Mafia and our United States Government at *the Highest Levels OF MANAGEMENT* are Quite Well Known To Each Other.  


(since JFK perhaps)—> 

As being “Necessary Partners”, and “Necessary Partners that Work for the Very Wealthy, and for the Wealthy Corporations”.

What this almost certainly means is that Obama almost certainly collaborates with the American Mafia behind closed doors, and has been doing so for quite some time (perhaps before he was elected).

Logic, Deduction, a little bit of Genius perhaps, a Great Deal of A Wide Range of Life Experiences, an Italian (Sicilian) Background, and the Miraculous Survival of Numerous Attempts on my life by the AMERICAN MAFIA tells me that—>

The Above is All The Truth.

I swear to God it is.

Allen D


There Is A Temporary Stalemate Between The U.S. Government And An Armed American Public.

The U.S. Federal Government would love to (1) strip the American Public of its guns and ammunition, (2) put Martial Law into effect, and (3) then foist a FEMA Camp extermination agenda on hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of political dissidents in America.  These political dissidents are Awake American citizens that are on the Main Core List that the Federal Government has been preparing and updating for years.

Essentially our corrupt Corporate Controlled, Mafia Controlled, and NWO Agenda Controlled Federal Government wants to pay a lot of Unaware and Brainwashed American citizens to round up millions of Moral, Aware and/or Smart American citizens and either (1) terrify them into submission in a FEMA camp somewhere, (2) detain them indefinitely as slave laborers in a FEMA camp somewhere (and kill those that “can no longer produce” as a result of old age, an infirmity or work impediment of some sort), or because of intentional starvation, just as the Nazis did), and/or (3) kill these Moral, Aware and/or Smart American citizens off by the millions on a rather immediate basis simply because—> these Smart, Aware and Moral American citizens >>>know too much<<< in regard to the Real Truth (not “Main Stream Media Brainwashing Truth”, or MSM Truth as it is often called).

Due to the Power of a Free and Open Internet these Smart, Aware and Moral American citizens are knowledgable of Multiple Very Important Truths on topics such as Energy Invention Suppression, AS A PRIME EXAMPLE.

To explain a number of facets of Energy Invention Suppression by the Feds—>

The U.S. Government has been THOROUGHLY AND SYSTEMATICALLY SUPPRESSING ENERGY INVENTION TRUTH that would Save The Consumer A LOT OF MONEY as Far Back as THE EARLY 1930′S in regard to high mileage carburetors (by all kinds of folks). In the early 1930′s (exact date coming) it was PROVEN that a Ford V-8 coupe could get over 200 miles per gallon from a gallon of gasoline in Canada. To find this, just Google high mileage carburetor Charles Pogue. For a more modern high mileage carburetor story Google high mileage carburetor Allen Caggiano. For more stories just Google high mileage carburetors. These Stories are Real WAKE UP CALLS in regard to “Do the Feds put “Big Oil’s Sales” Interests (IN REGARD TO HOW MUCH) and “BIG OIL’S PROFITS” INTERESTS (IN REGARD TO HOW MUCH) Ahead Of—> The “Best Fiscal” and “Better Environmental” Interests of the American Public.)

The U.S. Government has been THOROUGHLY AND SYSTEMATICALLY SUPPRESSING A Great Deal of ENERGY INVENTION TRUTH AS FAR BACK TO THE EARLY 1900′S that would Save The Consumer A LOT OF MONEY In Regard to Free Electricity Generation and Better Electricity Transmission.(Google Nicoli Tesla)

The U.S. Government has been THOROUGHLY AND SYSTEMATICALLY SUPPRESSING ENERGY INVENTION TRUTH that would Save The Consumer of Such A Great Deal Of Money SINCE THE MID 1990′S In Regard to the PROVEN AND WIDELY PATENTED VIABILITY OF A WATER POWERED CAR From Two Sources. (Google Stanley Meyer and Google Daniel Dingel)


The U.S. Government has been THOROUGHLY AND SYSTEMATICALLY SUPPRESSING ENERGY INVENTION TRUTH OF All Sorts of OTHER Energy Inventions that either Greatly Reduce or Actually Eliminate the Need for Oil, Natural Gas, Coal, Nuclear Fuel, Wind Power, or Solar Power.

The Government funding wind and solar power to “appear Green” is based on a myriad of lies. There are dozens of better ways to spend our discretionary dollars in the Energy Invention Arena that have BEEN PROVEN TO BE FAR SUPERIOR than anything wind or solar could ever do for us Electricity Creation-Wise. Solar and wind power generation are a joke compared to what’s out there and—> Is Solidly Proven to be Real and Much Better! (We would all know about this stuff long ago, if the knowledge about it was not thoroughly and systematically suppressed by the U.S. Government (AKA as the federal government).

Monsanto, Big Pharma, Big Nuclear, Big Oil, and Big Healthcare (Obamacare) are some prime examples of Companies and Industries that Need To Be Controlled by a new e-Government (Internet Based Government) in America.

Under the current system of Government that we have in America—>

First these folks make us sick, and then they make us pay for the hoax of pharmaceutical medicine to get better—>

While Trying To Or Actually Achieving at the Same Time the following—>

1) Federally (via FDA Mandate) Legally Suppress the General Public’s Free Market Access to Virtually All Nutritional and Natural Supplements—>

2) These Folks Use Front Companies for Big Pharma to Buy Up Any And All Major Threats to them in the Nutritional Supplement Industry. They **Buy Out the Competition On the Natural Health Side of the Equation**. This should be illegal.

3) They also Use Mafia Pressure and Mafia Threats to “make supplement companies ownership principles sell out”.


4) They Have Repeatedly Used the Mafia to Repeatedly Try to Kill the first person on this earth that “has really learned how to use nutritional and natural supplements in a therapeutic sense.” (This is Me–>Allen D. In regard to my son Willy Darman—> I know far more than Willy does Baggie-wise and Otherwise. Willy was admittedly the Primary Inventor of Willy’s Baggies, I was the Only Co-Inventor of the same.)

Incidentally, the U.S. Government (RIGHT UP TO THE VERY TOP) has repeatedly Internet Witnessed my Epic Battle for Survival Against the American Mafia since January 6, 2010.  This knowledge is being U.S. Government Suppressed. Despite their being fully Aware of It Over the Years, the FedGOV is also doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IN REGARD TO HELPING ME DEFEND MYSELF AGAINST THE AMERICA MAFIA’S MULTIPLE HIT ATTEMPTS Over the Past Four Years or so AS WELL.

The big problem for the United States Federal Government in regard to effecting the above points is that far too many American citizens know some, most—> or all of the above facts!


And Thank God *times ten* for Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, Apple and Silicon Valley in general—> All of whom are Aware of—>

Me and—> 

My heroic Patriot Movement WordPress Website Development Team—>

And the Truth in Regard To What I Am Saying.

As soon as Federal actions are taken to forcibly take away American citizens 2nd Amendment Rights, and strip people’s guns from them, or force government registration on a nationwide basis, such actions will almost certainly start a Second Revolutionary War in America.

What makes matters worse for the United States Federal Government is that many members of the police and military in America believe in the Constitution and our 2nd Amendment Rights to bear arms. These people will not support forcible Federal Action to take gun rights from the American Public under any pretense, including that of Martial Law.

Let us assume for a moment that things are about the way that they are now. For purposes of understanding, I am going to call these times “normal” (although we all know that “they are nothing but”).

In these “normal times”, No federal legislation whatsoever that our corrupt Federal Government could pass in regard to taking law abiding American citizens guns from them nationwide would not be “heavily resisted” by millions of Americans. By “heavily resisted” I mean that many American citizens would be brave enough to fight.

It would not take *that many* armed conflicts nationwide between (1) law abiding American citizens upon whom attempts are being made to strip them of their guns and ammunition, and (2) “those doing the stripping” (or at least attempting to) for the American Public to become Awakened Nationwide, and then Rise Up In Force Against the corrupt United States Federal Government.

How many armed conflicts nationwide between (1) law abiding gun owning American citizens and (2) those in law enforcement that have been given the task of taking away American’s 2nd Amendment Right To Bear Arms is *that many*? A dozen armed conflicts? One hundred armed conflicts? Five hundred armed conflicts? Who knows? It sure would not take that many before there was a full fledged Justifiable Revolution in America that involved armed conflict from coast to coast.

If anyone has been following the general conversation on the Internet these past few years, it should be quite apparent that if there is one thing the American Public will not allow its Federal Government to do, it is “We Will NOT ALLOW THEM TO TAKE AWAY OUR GUNS and our 2nd Amendment Rights to Bear Arms”. The American Public clearly drew a line in the sand with the U.S. Government on this hot button issue.

It is clear to many that Main Stream Media is almost totally corporate and government controlled. There could potentially be many armed conflicts in America in regard to the above, and virtually none of them would make the news on TV as a result of intentional censorship.

However, in America we still have something that is called “a Free and Open Internet”. (Incidentally, my heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team and I know better. U.S. Government Selective Internet Censorship began for us on December 17, 2012 and has continued to some extent thereafter—> Or so it sure seems.)

Even one (or a few) armed conflicts in America between law abiding citizens defending their right to bear arms and any law enforcement personnel of any sort would spread like a wildfire on the Internet on a rather Immediate Basis (assuming that the Internet remained Uncensored, Open and Free, of course).

The United States Federal Government clearly has a real problem in regard to their desire to strip the American Public of its guns and ammunition. At least at present, there seems to be a stalemate between the U.S. Government and the American Public in regard to this critical Constitutional and American Freedom issue.

OK, Let us assume for a moment that things are quite different than the way that they are now. Let us assume that things are “no longer normal”.

Let us assume that the value of the dollar and the stock market have collapsed, that there have been runs on banks, grocery stores and gas stations (such that banks and ATM’s are out of money, grocery stores are out of food, and gas stations are out of gas and diesel fuel).

As a result of the above, which has a very big chance of occurring before July of 2013—> “our very competent and quite trustworthy president (he never tells a lie)” named President Barack Obama has declared Martial Law nationwide.

When this state of Martial Law is declared as a result of economic collapse and what will unfold as a result of this, law enforcement, military troops, and DHS personnel are on the streets in a great many cities in the Untied States, and the FEMA camps are immediately activated.

In a state of Martial Law, hyperinflation, food shortages, etc. a law abiding American citizen NEEDS his or her guns to defend themselves and their loved ones against hungry (and/or thirsty) marauding and armed predators that would seek to rob them and/or kill them “for what they may have”.

Can you imagine what would happen in any and every city in the United States if “there was no food in the grocery stores”? Or if whatever little food was there was unaffordable?

Can you imagine what would happen if a hundred million Americans were facing the threat of starvation as a result of economic collapse and “no food in the grocery stores”, or what little food there was priced out of reach (perhaps a loaf of bread is now 20 or 30 dollars instead of four). Can you imagine if there was no gas in the gas stations? Can you imagine if gasoline was suddenly 20 dollars a gallon or 50 dollars a gallon or even more? Can you imagine if ATM’s all over the country were out of money, and all of the banks were closed at the same time? Or if the banks were open, there were long lines in front of them, and strict limits in regard to “how much money that you could take out in a day or a week or a month”?

Can you imagine all of this happening at a time that you just lost your job and your income due to economic collapse and a state of Martial Law being declared.

If you cannot access your savings and you are not making any money, what the hell are you going to do?

And if the money that you have is worth 25 cents or 10 cents to the dollar what the hell are you going to do as well?

Even worse, can you imagine if you turned on the faucets in your house or apartment and no water came out? And then you tried to switch on your lights but the power was completely out, not just where you lived, but out in the entire city that you lived in. What the hell are you going to do then? 

Well, start imagining—> because it is ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that events such as this will be transpiring nationwide quite soon—> and perhaps as soon as sometime in the first half of 2014. And it is ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN THAT EVENTS SUCH AS THIS WILL CAUSE MARTIAL LAW TO BE DECLARED In America.

Don’t Worry about Martial Law in America Mates! Our trustworthy and competent President Barack Obama is in charge! He will take very good care of us! Just as he took very good care of us with Obamacare!

For the United States Federal Government to try to step in and take away the guns of law abiding citizens during a state of Martial Law will only result in staunch resistance—> both from those being stripped of their guns, and from many of those in state and local law enforcement, the United States military, and the Department of Homeland Security people that are given the task of doing the stripping.


On one hand the Federal Government is clearly having a hard time in the first point that I made in this blog—> The U.S. Government would love to (1) strip the American Public of its guns and ammunition.

Therefore, our Federal Government is doing the best that it can do, which is buy up all the bullets that it can, and also close down the America’s ability to produce such domestically as much as they can.

On the other hand, the American Public is having a difficult time in regard to starting a Justifiable Revolution in order to topple its corrupt Corporate Controlled, Mafia Controlled, and *NWO agenda* Controlled Federal Government. (The Illuminati, the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, the Council for Foreign Relations, etc. represent the *NWO agenda* folks.)

We are in a stalemate at the moment, it seems.

This stalemate is not going to last forever. An economic collapse and/or a collapse in the value of the dollar are some of the reasons that may end it.

However, there are some other reasons as well—> a false flag attack being one of them, of course.

My best guess is that one trigger to precipitate Martial Law or Another will occur in the first half of 2014. My second best guess is that one trigger to precipitate Martial Law or Another will occur in the second half of 2014. And my third best guess is that such will occur in 2015. However, I doubt America will hold up this long. If it does, it will be the result of currency manipulation or other secretive measures performed behind the scenes by the NWO agenda folks, due to the fact the Feds don’t have enough drones in the skies yet.

If you live in America, you had better get prepared for what is coming, and do it quick.

For all those that can legally acquire and afford such, a semiautomatic .223 Ruger (or other quality manufacturer) carbine and lots of ammo is a wise 1st weapon of choice.

Stored food and water are an absolute must.

It is up to Silicon Valley, the Patriot Movement, and whatever little time we have left to access a Free and Open Internet to save us. But will it? That is the $64,000 question.

Consider escaping the City (whatever city you happen to live in), as soon as you know that a Justifiable Revolution in America is not going to happen in time to save us.

Many Cities in America are going to be hell on earth soon unless the American Public can successfully overthrow its corrupt Federal Government.

We in America are all in deep shit.

We had better get our act together soon, or millions of us will die at the hands of our federal government and those that control it.

If you are reading this blog–> you are likely to be one of those that are going to be killed because “you already know too much”.

Make no mistake about this!

This blog was prepared by Allen D with critical and heroic help from Mark J

Our material often comes attached with–—>

Appreciated and sometimes heroic Help from GoogleFacebookTwitterthe People Underlying WordPress 

And it most definitely always comes attached with heroic Help from our
San Francisco Hippie Gang of

WordPressWarriors for the Truth! 


Notable Quotes by Allen D

A New Day Is Coming To America—> Click on the Picture to find out—>

The U.S. Government

Has Monitored and <—Censored This “Concepts and Ideas For Internet Based Government” Revolutionary WordPress Website

Since December 17th 2012 It seems!

2012 was not the End of the World! It was the Turning Point Worldwide in regard to the End of Lies!

Many Patriot Movement And Silicon Valley Heroes Are Rising To The Cause In America!!! The Bad Guys Don’t Stand A Chance!

Using High Output Brother Laser Printers that cost about $160, and using Aftermarket High Quality Compatible Toner and Drum Cartridges that are Sourced via the Internet, Coupled with Flash Drives or DVD Discs that Are Wisely Used, and a Whole Lot of Paper That Amazon.com Delivers for Free—>

A Total Capital Cost of Only About $300. COULD—>

“100% Effectively” (for it could “get the job done”) Circumvent a Federal Government Blockade of the Truth on the Internet.  

Thankfully, Google and Many Other Silicon Valley entities have understood the Above for some time.  

I Firmly Believe that—>

Google and Many Other Silicon Valley entities—> 

Have Taken Numerous Defensive Measures to Insure that—>

(1) the Truth is Not Lost, especially in the Realm of Any New Discoveries that Have Been FedGOV Suppressed, and that—>

(2) the Patriot Movement Succeeds, or At Least Has a Much Better Chance.

Regardless of what Google and Other Silicon Vally entities have done to Protect the Truth, either (1) You personally, or (2) Your local Militia Group, or (3) One of your Family or Extended Family, or (4) One of Your Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Internet or Otherwise Friends—>

***Should Raise the $300. Dollars Or So that Are Necessary*** to Perform the Capital Expenditure detailed in the material above (or in the underlying link here).

You Can Set Up Your Own Laser Printing Shop that can print for about 1.5 cents Single Sided and for about a Penny Double Sided per 8.5″ X 11″ perforated page—>

Perforated pages are used For Easy Insertion into Inexpensive Three Ring Binders—> when useful or necessary, such as—> “When teaching a course over the Internet”—>

Or Your Laser Printer Output can be just plain sheets of paper that can be Stapled and/or Folded and—>

Made Into a Free Handout at Public Assemblies of All Sorts—>

One of these Public Assemblies Could Be *Church on Sunday* where you have an audience to Freely Pass Out Patriot Movement Revolutionary and Patriot Movement Educational Material After Church.  

The above assumes that Such Was Allowed—>

Which Was Determined by Your Having a Short Meeting with your Priest or Pastor—>

In Advance of Attempting To Do So.—>

Here are some ideas to help you—>

Is It OK that I give you one or two of these brochures?  

I want to pass these out at Church Next Sunday to anyone that wants one.

However, I thought I should come to you and get your approval to do this first.

It will be an easy decision if you read this stuff.

I personally feel that this material has a Very Important Message that everybody in America needs to hear.  

I will be passing these out for free.  No charge or donations.

Money is not Important here.  

We are dealing with the Truth—>

Thanks for listening.  I will see you next week.

And then Say Goodbye and walk away.

I sure wish that the American Mafia would Switch Sides Soon. It would make things going forward, to include “A Necessary And Justifiable Revolution in America”, as Well as “What Should Happen Afterwards”, a whole heck of a lot easier than if the American Mafia decides to—> Stick with the Sinking Ship called “The U.S. Federal Government” simply because they have a huge fiscal stake in it.  Silicon Valley is willing to be reasonable with you guys, and is willing to talk, if their Safety and Anonymity can both be assured.

If the American Mafia is not going to help with a Justifiable Revolution in America, the bottom line here is that Silicon Valley powerhouses such as Google and Facebook are going to simply have to do more. 

Before We Fix Things in America, Hard Times are inevitably going to come upon us. We need to anticipate the some of the specifics of these hard times, and come up with a plan to defuse or mitigate them. Some Examples are>>> What if they shut down the Internet???, or if they shut down Facebook, Google+, and Twitter, etc. All At The Same Time??? Or what if the Grocery Stores ran out of food??? Or if the Banks ran out of money??? What if the Electrical Grid Shut Down In Much Or Most Of The U.S., to include “where you live”. What if the water supply of the plumbing in your house and your city ran dry, and nothing came out of your faucets? What if the United States Government Declared Martial Law Nationwide? Think things out, and then Prepare for the Very Worst Case Scenario as quickly and WISELY AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN, STARTING WITH STORING A MONTH’S WORTH OF WATER FOR EVERYONE IN YOUR HOUSEHOLD AS SOON AS YOU CAN.


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A Few More Notable Quotes And Some Contact Information for Allen D

There is a currently a temporary stalemate Between The U.S. Government And An Armed American Public. “Who Checkmates Whom?” MAY VERY WELL BE DEPENDENT ON WHETHER SILICON VALLEY CO-HOSTS A MULTI-LOCATION INTERNET WOODSTOCK Concert EVENT to Further Wake Up the Unaware American Public More Than It Currently Is BEFORE THE FEDS DECLARE MARTIAL LAW AND Censor or SHUT THE INTERNET DOWN OR NOT.

“WHO PULLS THE TRIGGER FIRST in regard to the Above Mentioned events WINS!” (or wins much more easily)—> THAT IS THE BOTTOM LINE.

I am Allen Darman on Facebook—> Or this works for finding me on Facebook as well—>https://www.facebook.com/Nutrientscure.

I am easily found on Twitter via this link—>https://twitter.com/nutrientscure

I have yet to decide my Primary Google+ Account. When I do, it will be placed here.

I do make appointments for Google Hangouts, if you have read one or more of my blogs—> and you feel that such would be appropriate sometime (a time convenient to us both, of course!) Allen Darman

My Smart Phone Number is 541-324-2198. This Smart Phone is 100% monitored by both the Mafia and the Feds, but I could not care less what they hear me say. How about you?

I do not use any email address for important communications. All of my email accounts have been “Selectively Censored” by the Mafia and the FedGOV for years. If you send me an Important Email, the likelihood of my receiving it is Zero, or very close to it.

I am homeless in San Francisco temporarily, but it’s OK.  Eventually I will find and/or connect with the people that I need out here.  San Francisco is a Real Good Place to Start the 1st Internet Woodstock!  It also happens to be a Real Good Place to brew a Justifiable Revolution in America! In Fact, I cannot think of a better place 4 me 2 be!, despite the fact I am temporarily homeless.  I am admittedly going to have a tough time until Jan. 1st unless I get a little help from one of my San Francisco or Silicon Valley friends. After Jan. 1st, I can afford “to house myself” somewhere.  It sure would help to sleep on some WordPress Activist’s floor or couch on a temporary basis until then. Regardless of what help I do or do not get from other people out here, I am parked here until “We win”, or “I die trying”.  San Francisco is my kind of place.

More Notable Quotes by Allen D coming later.


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Governmental vs. Alternative Medicine; It Is Time For Change (8-17-2010)



Alternative medicine has “trumped” conventional drug-oriented medicine on the Internet in the past ten years, as far as the truth is concerned.

Much has changed regarding alternative medicine on the Internet in the past decade. Its presence has exploded exponentially. And so has its depth of healing knowledge. (It has found many cures, when none existed before.)

If you perform a “simple linking search” on the Internet typing in whatever illness you may have, and precede it with the words “alternative medicine” or “integrative medicine” (without the quote marks), and then compare what you find to what conventional medicine has to offer for the very same illness, the abovementioned facts will often become clear.

Does this mean that alternative medicine is going to replace conventional drug-oriented medicine in a very big way, as it justifiably should?

Not necessarily.

It is up to the law.

Alternative vs. Governmental Medicine

Federal law in America favors ONLY “conventional drug-oriented medicine” at this point. “Governmental medicine” is perhaps the appropriate term here. (“Governmental medicine” and “conventional drug-oriented medicine” are synonymous, for the former mandates the latter.)

Federal law does so with the ridiculous FDA mandate that states “ONLY A DRUG can prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure ALL disease”. (Based on reality, this is nuts!)

In taking the above stance, federal law is also mandating the reverse; NO NUTRIENT, NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENT, ***OR*** NATURAL MEASURE is allowed to prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure ANY disease”. (Based on reality, this is nuts!)

Why does our government mandate drugs to heal, and bar nutrients, nutritional supplements, and other natural measures from healing?

In mandating drugs, federal law provides for greater drug company sales and profits, at the expense of the public’s health.

Federal law also provides close to 100,000 substantial, and fraudulently achieved, incomes. These are the incomes that drug-prescribing medical doctors make. (How many M.D’s are there? It has to be 80,000 plus, and growing, I think.)

This “opposite the truth” state of medicine is the result of corporate bribery of medical schools, corporate bribery of doctors, and corporate bribery of the law.

Many hundreds of billions of dollars are at stake here on an annual basis. And trillions of dollars over time.

There is a reason that there are 17,000 lobbyists pushing a myriad of corporate agendas in Washington, D.C. This reason is that when money buys the law, it makes corporations (and the people that own and run them) wealthier.

Of these 17,000 lobbyists, Big Pharma (the drug companies), Big Healthcare (the hospitals), Big Medicine (the doctors), and Big Health Insurance (the health insurance industry) are very well represented. Thousands of lobbyists work for these industries to bribe lawmakers, and to otherwise influence the law. (Each year these industries are spending more than they did on lobbying the year before.)

America spent 2.9 trillion dollars on healthcare as a whole in 2009, almost a fifth of our GDP (gross domestic product). No other country spends nearly as much. (It is as if “we are the sickest nation on earth”. Indeed, we are. This should be no surprise considering our Standard American Diet, our heavily chlorinated, fluoridated, and toxic laden tap water, and our sad state of medical affairs.)

This overall cost of 2.9 trillion dollars, and its ratio to GDP, would both be getting worse even if Obama’s folly in the spring of 2010 did NOT pass (health care costs have been rising more than the GDP percentage-wise for decades). Obama mandating another thirty million or so conventional health care customers via “health care reform” will push medical costs to the point that they are going to bankrupt the United States. (Many economists feel this way. I suggest the reader join the 743,000 or so persons that have watched the YouTube movie “Meltup” at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eb1n1X0Oqdw, and watch other videos on YouTube regarding America’s impending fiscal collapse as well.)

For this 2.9 trillion on healthcare that we spent in 2009, one in six children is now considered to be “learning disabled”. Cancer rates, obesity rates, mental illness rates, addiction rates, and physically disabled rates have all continued to increase dramatically for decades with no end in sight. New illnesses are being born that did not exist in the first half of the last century such as fibromyalgia, acid reflux disease, P.A.D. (peripheral artery disease), and social anxiety disease, to name a few. Rampant obesity, rampant diabetes, and rampant high cholesterol are all considered to be “the norm” today. The rate of autism has “gone through the roof”. And NO cures are being found. (Only newer and more expensive drugs are being found, many of which perform no better than the out-of-patent ones that they replace.)

We, as the taxpaying public, have gotten nothing for our money when it is spent on drug-mandated medicine. Drugs only “mask” (hide) one’s symptoms, while always increasing the toxic load on the body. Nutrients, nutritional supplements, and other natural measures, which can actually CURE many illnesses (physical, degenerative, and mental), are not legally allowed to do so. (This latter situation is absolutely nuts!)

What about choice? Freedom means choice. If I had to choose, I would choose that ALL my health care dollars be spent on alternative medical truth, and NONE of them would be spent on fraudulent doctors and toxic drugs. Unfortunately, Obama’s mandate of conventional medicine substantially took away our (the public’s) freedom of choice healthcare-wise, by burdening all of us individually with conventional medical costs.

Four separate times in 2010 bills were introduced at the Federal level that attempted to restrict the public’s access to nutritional supplements, affected their available potency, or unnecessarily burden the supplement industry in some way. (This is corporate bribery at work, for nutritional supplements solidly threaten entire classes of drugs.)

Currently there is a law (S. 510) working its way through the U.S. Senate that is, or can easily become, unduly restrictive of the production, growing, and/or sale of food. See http://foodfreedom.wordpress.com/2010/04/24/s-510-is-hissing-in-the-grass/#more-1828 for more on this.

What The Heck Is Going On?

Our doctors are making us sicker with their vaccines, their antibiotics, and their drugs. Big Pharma’s motivation to increase its sales and profits underlies this.

We are being pushed, if not often forced, to take a myriad of toxic, and often “therapeutically useless”, vaccine shots from cradle to grave.

We are being over-prescribed antibiotics. Even one single course of antibiotics often (most of the time) messes up gut floral health for decades… unless these problematic gut flora issues are not “fixed”. (This is “standard alternative medical understanding”… and it is the truth as well.)

Did you know… that gut floral health is critical to optimal human health? Yes, it is. (This is “standard alternative medical understanding”… and it is the truth as well.)

Did you know… at least 85% of all Americans severely lack gut floral health. (A man named Bernard Jensen taught us this.)

Did you know that the use of antibiotics without “a full course” of gut floral correction immediately afterward is ABSOLUTELY nuts! (This is “standard alternative medical understanding”… and it is the truth as well.)

Conventional doctors almost never use probiotics, or any other natural treatment, to correct gut health. (If they do, they are “breaking the law”.) The problem here is that “probiotics are not drugs”. BY LAW, to cure ALL illnesses doctors CAN ONLY USE DRUGS. (This is ABSOLUTELY NUTS!!!)

The drug industry defines the “standard treatment protocol” for all diseases. The “standard treatment protocol” for an illness represents “the best that conventional medicine knows” for the illness in question. A “standard treatment protocol” should be designed to make the patient well. This should be its ONLY goal.

In today’s world of “upside down medicine” the “standard treatment protocol” for a myriad of illnesses is not designed to make the patient well. It is designed to maximize Big Pharma’s profits and sales.

In general Big Pharma wants to make you remain “as sick as possible, and still get away with it”. This is being done to… yes, you guessed it… to maximize Big Pharma’s profits and sales.

However, Big Pharma knows that it can only go so far in regard to making you (or keeping you) sick… or you will catch on to the truth.

So “they” use “sneaky ways” to make you sick, such that “you don’t realize that they made you so”.

In regard to being “sneaky”, antibiotics and vaccines are “Big Pharma’s two best friends”.

The drug industry is using their control over our government, control over medical schools, control over doctors, and fraudulent medical science to make more money. “More money” is their “only goal”…. it is as simple as that.

Big Pharma is knowingly treating a myriad of broad essential nutrient deficiency symptoms with “drugs” and “only drugs”.

The drug industry does not care at all about curing you. This industry wants you to remain ill. They want to “keep you being their customer”…. a customer for their toxic, but very profitable, drugs.

Big Pharma and medical researchers are caught in lie after lie, and fraud after fraud. The fines they get for doing so are either non-existent or “peanuts” (in relation to their profits).

Over the years millions have died unnecessarily. (Perhaps as many as 200,000 people die each year as a result of taking doctor-prescribed or over-the-counter drugs.)

Despite all of the above, our government is STILL mandating drugs that do not cure, and disallowing nutrients that do. (Our government is clearly mandating lack of choice here.)

Our government is STILL promoting processed, irradiated, sterilized, GMO, and/or “dead” food. If S. 510 passes things will get much worse. (S. 510 is another bill that is taking away public choice.)

Our government STILL allows us to be brainwashed by a deluge of drug company and food company ads on TV. (Incidentally, almost no other country allows direct drug ads to the consumer like we do. I for one see a great need to legally ban ALL direct-to-the-consumer drug ads.)

We are also being forced by law to be poisoned with chloride and fluoride in our water supply, with no warning of their intake dangers by any branch of our government via TV (the most efficient medium to reach the general public).

Even our drinking water reflects lack of choice, especially where fluoride is concerned.

Isn’t our government supposed to act in the best interests of the people?

I think the American public would choose to be healthy, happy, productive, and economically competitive in the world marketplace vs. unhealthy, unhappy, disabled, and bankrupt as a country.

If the American public is unable to make the above choice now, perhaps when things get worse economically the right choice will become clearer.

It should be clear to all that economic health, public health, academic achievement, and our national security are all intertwined.

One cannot have a secure nation without economic and public health, no matter how much is spent on wars overseas or on national defense.

One cannot have a high rate of academic achievement without a high rate of public health. (Spending over a half a billion dollars on a high school in LA will not help academic achievement if its pupils are eating candy bars and pizza for lunch along with a soda pop, and then are taking an antidepressant, ADHD, or other psychotropic drug… all while having a serious case of a yeast called candida at the same time.)

Basic common sense applies here. One cannot have a high rate of public or economic health if much of our nation is regularly taking toxic, symptom masking drugs, while eating a diet of processed and/or junk foods at the same time. And spending a trillion or two on never-ending wars is not going to help our national security if a large (and growing) portion of American youth are obese, mineral (or other essential nutrient) deficient, health compromised, disabled, addicted, “dumbed down” by toxins or bad foods, or mentally ill.

It Is Time For Change

Governmental medicine needs to go the way of the dinosaur. It is both fraudulent and obsolete. It is bankrupting this country economically, as well as bankrupting the public health.

Governmental medicine is only benefiting one group of people; those that are becoming richer due to it.

President Obama… you were right about one thing. It is time for change.

It is time for you to change.

It is time for you, ALL career politicians on “the corporate take”, and ALL career politicians unaware of the enormous fraud of drug-mandated medicine, to be changed “out of office” via the vote when up for election.

It is time for our government policies to change, such that they do not favor the corporations over the people, and such that they cannot ever do so in the future.

And it is time for our highly touted democratic system to change. Any system of government that allows corporate lobbyists, and corporate influence, to dictate the course of law is inherently flawed. Such a system of government fosters rampant political corruption. Rampant political corruption sounds an inevitable death knell for the country being governed.

We need to amend our Constitution such that it locks out corporate influence of government, rather than allows and promotes it, as it clearly does now.

On another front… when our government can collude with corporate interests to suppress the truth that a car can run USING WATER in its fuel tank FOR ITS ONLY FUEL, or can run with almost twice the mileage using some water split into hydrogen and oxygen as an additional fuel (to gas or diesel fuel), while starting a war over the control of oil (Iraq), something is seriously wrong with it. (See the “The Water Powered Car” at http://nutrientscure.wordpress.com/2010/08/25/the-water-powered-car/ or http://www.waterfuelcell.org/ for more on this.)

Things sure do need to change.

November is coming. Other than Ron and Rand Paul, and a few other possible exceptions such as Senator Grassley, we need to vote all the bums out. (Any legislator that did not scream “bloody murder” when the Supreme Court ruled this winter that corporations can donate any amount to any candidate they desire to during the elective process ABSOLUTELY NEEDS TO GO.)


The sad truth here is that drug-oriented medicine is the biggest hoax in history bar none. No other hoax is even close in magnitude. (What Bernie Madoff did on Wall Street is “very small potatoes” compared to the fraud of modern medicine.) And due to government mandate this hoax continues to thrive; while stripping America of both its economic and public health.

America needs to decide, and decide very soon, whether it is going to let itself be enslaved by the corporations, or whether we will rise up and take our freedom back.

We need to do this before anti-supplement, anti-healthy food, and anti-freedom of speech laws are passed. If such laws are passed the job of reversing the corporate takeover of our government and our healthcare system will be considerably harder.

We also need to do this before national bankruptcy, hyperinflation, public panic, and corporate controlled martial law take over. When these things happen, change may simply be “too late”. (I strongly suggest that the reader take a long look at the website http://www.thefallofamerica.net/ and watch the free movie trailer there.)

Incidentally, now that we know that alternative medicine is better than drug-mandated governmental medicine, which is better in regard to the next choice before us? Which is better… “alternative medicine as practiced by an alternative doctor”… or “alternative medicine primarily self-applied”? The answer to this question is interesting. It may surprise you. This is going to be a blog for another day.

Allen Darman


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America Should Place a WATCH Over 4 WORDPRESS Folks 4 Its Own Sake as Well as Ours


Some Great News! For Our WordPress Collaborative Internet Team: Jim Humble And The Miracle Mineral Supplement Folks Have Become Aware Of Our Plight And Picked Up A Number Of Our Key WordPress Blogs Up On One Of Their Websites (1-14-2013)

Some Great News! For Our WordPress Collaborative Internet Team: Jim Humble And The Miracle Mineral Supplement Folks Have Become Aware Of Our Plight And Picked Up A Number Of Our Key WordPress Blogs Up On One Of Their Websites (1-14-2013)


***Important Notes: Some More Copy than what is below is coming as soon as I can get to it. This Particular Key WordPress Blog is going to be written on an ongoing basis over the next four or five days or so.

I want to do Jim Humble and the Miracle Mineral Supplement Folks **Justice** with this Key WordPress Blog I am going to write. He and His Organization Are An Ally Of Critical Importance Against Our Common Enemy Of Big Pharma.

See the Bottom of http://www.miraclemineralsupplement.co/ for a List Of Some Key Blogs Of Our WordPress Collaborative Internet Team’s on an MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement) Website.

I am Deeply Grateful to Jim Humble and the MMS folks associated with the above website for helping to make other persons aware of our WordPress Team’s Dire Plight.

Jim Humble, his MMS Discovery (which rids the body of bad biology in a broad spectrum fashion), and his MMS Organization are known Worldwide, and Justifiably So.

The Power of Big Pharma, the Mafia, and Our Federal Government are all coming unglued as I write this!!!
Too Many People Have Become Aware,
Many More Will Inevitably Follow (become aware),
Are Collectively Standing Up.

Neither the Mafia
Or Our Federal Government
Can Intimidate
Or Kill Us All.

It Has Become Time For the Mafia To
Stop Trying To
Repeatedly Kill My Two Girls!

If They Continue
To Try To Kill Them
And Succeed,
The Worldwide Backlash
Against the Mafia,
After Worldwide Revolution Succeeds,
Revolution that Begins Right Here,
In the United States of America,
Will Crush Them With Vengence Attached!!!

Whether I Remain Alive,
Or I Am Dead Soon (from their Sicilian Hands),
I Can Practically Guarantee This!

Too Many People Have Become Aware
Of Mafia Influence Over Big Pharma,
Mafia Influence Over America’s Medical System,
Mafia Influence Over Main Stream Media,
Mafia Influence Over the Passage Of Law,
And Mafia Influence Over Our Federal and State Governments.

It is Time for the Mafia to play ball With Me in regard to developing a Win-Win Situation for itself and America at the same time. Killing my WordPress Collaborative Internet Team Members and I will hurt you far more than it will help you.

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I dream the Mafia is finally going to come around and work with the new Eight President Round Table Internet Based Government that is set up when our Corrupt Current Federal Government Inevitably Falls to the Truth!!! soon after an Internet Freedom Event called iROCK4FREEDOM OCCURS!!! In The San Francisco Bay Area this Summer! The Sooner the Mafia Sees the Wisdom In All This, the Better For All Concerned. Allen Darman and His Heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team

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Besides u2 R Both Funnier and Sexier 2 Me When u R Quite Well Toasted!!!That’s All!

If u2 Obedient Stoney WordPress Slaves say 2Me when I Get Down On My Knees And Say 2 U 2…

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Google Is Helping U2 Lesbian 420Subs As Best As They Can At The Present Time; It Is Time For U2 To Come To Albany New York ASAP (1-13-2013)


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I, Allen Darman, am Not Under Any Immediate Threat Of Dying At The Hands Of the Powers that Be.

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