Our WordPress Team’s 17 PATRIOT MOVEMENT Websites

WordPress Blog Link> http://wp.me/p2mHcn-a5

Our WordPress Team’s 17 PATRIOT Websites

Web Page Link> http://wp.me/P33G2Z-53
http://wp.me/p3gjXe-jufredabigbrotherThe Three Primary Goals of the Patriot Websites Reflected Below are (1) Via Education in regard to Alternative Medical Suppression (also here) and Energy Invention Suppression to Foster a Justifiable Revolution in America (also here and here and here), (2) To Promote the Idea of the Need for an Internet Woodstock (also here and here) to Wake the American Public Up in Time, and (3) To Assist in Developing a Collaborative Effort in order to topple the corrupt United States Federal Government.  (There are some Secondary Goals in regard to the Websites listed below as well.)

All of the Images Shown Below are Clickable, and will lead to the Website shown.

Allen D aka ADOG (with Deeply Appreciated Help from his heroic 420hippie Collaborative PATRIOT MOVEMENT WordPress Website Development Team!)

Our WordPress Collaborative Patriot Team’s>>>Primary PATRIOT MOVEMENT WordPress Website!<<

16 Supporting WordPress PATRIOT MOVEMENT Websites to the Primary One of SweetSixteenWebsites.WordPress.com:





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