An Inspiring Song By Andy Cherry Helped My Morale A Great Deal *For The Past And Very Tough Year* (12-9-2012)

I am a Universalist Unitarian by Nature.

And I Really Like Kiesha Crowther’s and My Father Arthur Darman’s Wisdom in regard to the Topic of God.

Nonetheless, the Song that *Inspired Me the Most* during this past and very difficult year was a Christian One named *Our God’s Alive*  by a Fellow named Andy Cherry.

I have Played this Song *Hundreds of Times* during the past twelve months or so… and I would often play it Over and Over Again.

I like the “Lyrics Version” of this Song on YouTube… the one with the orange colored background where *the Words Show Up As the Song Plays*.

I like *Most* of the Words of this Song… but I do not like One of Them.

I don’t like the Word “Church” much… I sure wish the Word “Church” Was Replaced With “Folks”.

I am not big on Organized Religion At All because…

I have my own personal relationship with God…

And I will not let any Other Human Being or Church get in the way.

Allen D… with the Help of his *Brave* WordPress Website Development Team


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